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Services We Provide
Pre-Purchase Surveys and Condition and Valuation Surveys

The Condition and Valuation, or Pre-Purchase Survey is performed prior to sale to help a purchaser learn the true condition and valuation of the vessel. The survey includes a detailed examination of the vessel to determine its apparent condition, with deficiencies beyond normal wear and tear reported. Additionally, most equipment will be energized to determine apparent functional status as circumstances permit and if permission is granted. However, equipment testing cannot be exhaustive. The Condition and Valuation Survey report is also suitable for use by banks and insurance companies for finance or insurance underwriting purposes. The Condition and Valuation Report is composed of three main parts
  1. A description of the vessel, its construction and layout, and a detailed inventory of major equipment and systems.
  2. A determination of value, based upon asking and selling prices of like vessels.
  3. Notes, divided into three sections, as follows:
    1. General Notes, which typically include information about the report, report criteria, and special considerations or circumstances relative to this particular boat, the standards and criteria used to evaluate the vessel, and a list of service or maintenance notes.
    2. Priority Findings and Recommendations: These findings include items which bear on the continued safe operation of the vessel.
    3. Any other findings which affect vessel structure, systems or operation, but which are not at present a significant safety hazard.
Photographs are attached to the survey to represent the vessel visually as it is at time of survey. Vessel types surveyed include: Pleasure boats and yachts, both power and sail, and certain commercial vessels. Vessel construction of all types other than cement, are covered, to include:
  • Fiberglass
  • Composite
  • Wood, to include plank on frame, strip plank, plywood, or cold molded
  • Welded Steel (Ultrasonic thickness testing is available.)
  • Welded Aluminum. (Ultrasonic thickness testing is available.)

Engine Trial and Report:

A generic Engine Trial and Report is offered for certain diesel engines rated below two hundred horsepower. This includes a detailed examination beyond the normal survey, involving observations and some instrumented testing of the engine to include a trial run with data listed in the report. This work will help determine the apparent current condition of the engine and can include checks for normal starting, cooling system deficiencies, alarm systems, instrument accuracy, alternator output, exhaust smoke and/or exhaust water observations, crank case blow-by, vibration level assessment, engine mounts, propeller sizing, control systems condition, etc.

This Engine Trial and Report is offered only in conjunction with a Condition and Valuation Survey, for an extra fee, and is subject to the permission of the vessel owner. Oil sample testing is optional at a higher price.

While this Engine Trial and Report cannot guarantee the condition of the equipment, it will typically reveal current problems needing attention and needed maintenance work.

Damage Inspections:

Damage Inspections are typically performed for insurance companies and are designed to determine cause, origin and extent of damages to vessels suffered from a variety accidents and events. Occasionally, owners and other interested parties will engage the surveyor to perform these surveys as well. This office has performed damage inspections on docks and other marine facilities, to include boat houses.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing:

North Beach Marine Surveyors are equipped for and experienced in Ultrasonic Thickness Testing on both steel and aluminum hulls. This testing includes a full grid inspection or a spot inspection on suspect areas of the hull structure. An Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Report will list readings taken at various stations and spacing as agreed prior to testing, and will indicate the general thickness of the hull, as well as areas of suspected thin plating.

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